Sunday, 27 November 2016

FUE – Grown in Popularity but Transection remains a Concern

FUE hair transplant is one of the best techniques to obtain donor hair for hair transplantation process. This technique requires more skills of a physician and also its cost is more than that of strip harvesting. This technique also gives many potential benefits to patients over the FUT hair transplant. One of them is less donor scarring. Many people make FUE hair transplant as their choice to get their hair back.

The FU and FUE

The follicular unit is normally a term that defines the growth of scalp hair. Each follicular unit (FU) has its own cells, nerves, and blood vessels.
In strip harvesting, a strip of scalp is taken that comprises of many follicular units but in FUE hair transplant, FU is taken one by one by targeting those which are more likely to thrive and they are implanted on recipient site.

Transection: FUE complication

When the follicular units are extracted from the donor site and transplanted to recipient site, the hair follicles should be healthy and intact in order to get a good hair growth. The problem that can be faced during the FUE hair transplant is the damage follicles.

Why should hair follicle be intact?

The hair follicle is complex because it is made up of cells with some specified functions for essential growth. Transection can occur while extracting the hair follicle with the circular blade. A damaged FU is useless for the transplantation process.

But you can get the best hair transplant in Canada in order to get rid of the complications of FUE. The well experienced and trained surgeon can greatly help you in providing the treatment with full comfort.


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