Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Facial Hair Transplant

We thought that mustache is only for cowboys as we may witness in a movie “A million ways to die in the West” but these days having a nice looking beard and good hair is a top priority for men. Celebrities have pioneered this job and whoever can afford, can go for it. Actually, it is also part of being trendy leave alone the baldness and patchy beards that men do face.
The advancement in technology has paved a way for these new and easy ways to get a hair transplant. In a facial hair transplant, hair is removed from the sides of the scalp and then implanted in the patchy areas on the chin or in the sides of the face. It is fixed in the same angle like the already existing one in order to give a perfect look.

 The facial hair surgeries are performed by more experienced surgeons since the face contains more sensory nerves and in most times performed using FUE since it leaves no scar. With this, hair transplants in India have been made easy and with best results so in case you want any hair transplant surgeries do meet us for satisfactory results. 

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Factors Related to Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant is most useful and tangible method for correcting any type of hair loss problems such as hair loss, beard hair loss, eyelashes hair loss and others. This is the permanent solution for those people who feel embarrassing due to hair baldness problem. Today using advanced technology hair transplant surgery plays a significant role in people life.

Hair transplant method factor that goes into determining cost are:

Hair transplant cost in Canada depend upon techniques are influenced by certain variables depending on the clinic involved.

Techniques in use

Techniques play a significant role in hair transplant surgery. Firstly patient check which techniques are used for hair transplant treatment and then compared the cost of any techniques as compared to others clinics. Basically, two most important hair transplant techniques are used FUE and FUT. If you find the best and low-cost hair transplant treatment in Canada then you can go search on the internet.

Skill level of the surgeon

You can check the skill level of the hair transplant surgeon. You can communicate with other patients who are done with the hair transplant surgery and after that choose the hair transplant surgeon.

Long-term patient satisfaction

You can choose those hair transplant center that provides you with long term hair transplant result in very less time and also checks the price of the hair transplant treatment and compare as well with others clinics in Canada.

Needs and/or goals of the patient

You can choose those hair transplant clinic that fulfills the entire requirement and completes the need of the patient and also check the staff as well.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

FUE – Grown in Popularity but Transection remains a Concern

FUE hair transplant is one of the best techniques to obtain donor hair for hair transplantation process. This technique requires more skills of a physician and also its cost is more than that of strip harvesting. This technique also gives many potential benefits to patients over the FUT hair transplant. One of them is less donor scarring. Many people make FUE hair transplant as their choice to get their hair back.

The FU and FUE

The follicular unit is normally a term that defines the growth of scalp hair. Each follicular unit (FU) has its own cells, nerves, and blood vessels.
In strip harvesting, a strip of scalp is taken that comprises of many follicular units but in FUE hair transplant, FU is taken one by one by targeting those which are more likely to thrive and they are implanted on recipient site.

Transection: FUE complication

When the follicular units are extracted from the donor site and transplanted to recipient site, the hair follicles should be healthy and intact in order to get a good hair growth. The problem that can be faced during the FUE hair transplant is the damage follicles.

Why should hair follicle be intact?

The hair follicle is complex because it is made up of cells with some specified functions for essential growth. Transection can occur while extracting the hair follicle with the circular blade. A damaged FU is useless for the transplantation process.

But you can get the best hair transplant in Canada in order to get rid of the complications of FUE. The well experienced and trained surgeon can greatly help you in providing the treatment with full comfort.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Advanced Hair Transplant Technology – NeoGraft

Many people are suffering from male/female pattern baldness problem and are looking for the best hair transplant. They are highly in search for the best solution that can help in gaining their self-confidence back.

But the good news is you can imagine restored hairline without having any linear scars. With the invention of a new hair transplant technology NeoGraft, the results could look more natural.

So basically, what NeoGraft is?

It is the new automated hair transplant technique that makes the harvesting of follicles easier during the FUE hair transplant. It has been invented with the motive of improving the accuracy and speed over the manual extraction techniques.

NeoGraft is performed by making the use of pneumatic pressure in order to slide out the graft smoothly. Hence, no pulling or twisting of hair is there to leave the linear scar.

Benefit of NeoGraft over the manual FUE hair transplant|

The NeoGraft is the natural extension of the surgeon that allows the faster and accurate harvesting of the hair follicles. NeoGraft patients can now reach their goal with less time in the procedure and FUE procedures altogether. Also, hair transplant in India has become more easy, fast and accurate.

Following are the points that why people prefer NeoGraft hair transplant over other:
  •  It is less invasive procedure for the treatment i.e. no stitches or staples
  •  It does not lead to the discomfort
  •  Recovery time is very fast
  •  Hairline looks like a natural line

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Can hair transplant treatment change your life?

Hair baldness is the serious problem nowadays but don’t get disappointed because hair transplant is the solution of this baldness problem. The invention of the hair transplant in canada plays a significant role in your life.

Here are some important points you need to feel for hair surgery:

Do you really care for hair loss?

Most of the people all over the world do not proper care about hair that is the reason of hair loss problem. Most of the women do the experiment on their hair and use chemical processing on hair. This is the serious matter so if you safe your hair then you should proper care of your hair regularly.

You Can't Concentrate On Your Work

Those people who facing the baldness problem they do not concentration on their work properly. They feels shy to talk with our patient but still you need to take necessary steps if you're hair loss problem is making you feel worried.

Stand in front of the mirror to check the level of your baldness?

Hair loss is such a serious problem that forces the people to the check the baldness level in the front of the mirror. It shows the negative impact to the other person and feels very insulted. So if anyone facing the baldness problem then hair transplant is the perfect solution for this problem.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Get Sweet Hair after Treatment

What’s not hair today, will be hair tomorrow – a promise for future hair-loss treatments

The most common thought that we people are assuming is that the hair today, will be lost tomorrow. Will Hair be again soon?
 Thanks to the development in hair- loss treatments.

Although hair transplant is the permanent solution for hair loss problem but also the revolution is the biology is increasing day by day. Filled with powerful tools, scientists are greatly indulged in reading the complex languages of the body parts. This reading includes how to discover new treatments for hair loss problem.

There is a great development in understanding the concepts for the hair loss during the last 5 to 7 years. Scientists are saying that we have made many new strategies in the basic research of hair loss problem. Now it’s the time to convert these into clinical benefits.

This will definitely allow new hair to grow bald heads in future. Only small steps are to be taken that are not far away.

Hair loss is extremely a common problem. That is why there is a great concern to cure the baldness problem.

Hair are the most interesting organ of the whole body that at self-generating. Hair are real, it’s the head that is fake.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

FUE Hair Transplant Process

FUE Hair transplant is considered less invasive than many other forms of surgery and the healing procedure must be taken seriously. However, most patients find that the recovery procedure easy and without any difficulty.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Hair Transplant Treament Impact on Life

  • Hair transplant treatment has a great impact on life. For both men and women, this treatment has become a permanent solution to live life with full confidence.

  • Aesthetic change is the main obvious benefit of hair transplant treatment. Obviously, you are getting a head will fill of hair that you can hairstyle in the way you want.

  • Having good hair boosts your confidence, self-esteem and increases the participation in more social activities.

  • Hair transplant treatment also eases your insecurities.

  • Because of hair loss problem many men and women may look less attractive. But with hair transplant they got success in getting what they actually want.