Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Psychological Effect of Hair Loss on Women

The hair loss problem does not choose between men and women. As much as the hair loss make both to lose their self-esteem but in the case of women, they got more affected. It is believed that the value of woman’s appearance lies in the attractiveness of her hair and hence coping with the hair loss problem can be a bit difficult for a girl.

Like men’s hair pattern baldness follows a certain pattern and can be perceived as a natural part of the life but for a woman, the hair loss does not follow any pattern and because of long hair, they can experience thinning in hair which is not noticeable unless there is a significant hair loss at certain area. As every woman is well aware of her scalp area but the more period of time the hair thinning problem remain unnoticed, the more she will get affected.

From the following images, you can watch the change in appearance after having the hair transplant treatment from our centre as we provide the treatment with latest techniques and types of equipment. You can compare the before and after results of our patients.

The situation goes to the worst stage when the hair loss problem combines with age signs and wrinkles. However, there has been increasing rate in the number of both men and women who are looking for the solution to get rid of hair loss problem. By having hair transplant surgery in Canada, you can regain your self-confidence once again. 

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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Drawbacks of Artificial Hair Restoration

Having a successful hair transplant involves meeting an expert and an experienced doctor for the procedure. Whatever that can be said to you must be taken seriously to avoid major complications and side effects that may include:

Scarring. This is one of the major side effects. This mostly happens when a patient goes for the strip method. This can be hidden by cutting the hair short but at times it is not favored.

Infections and Hemorrhage. This is also a major side effect. Always meet an experienced surgeon to prevent these side effects. The scalp has to be handled by care and good equipment.

Poor results. There have been cases where one may regret having gone for a hair transplant since it at times leads to more hair fall than at first.

Bleeding, pain, and swelling. These are at times normal for any transplant surgery but where the situation worsens, one should see a medical doctor because it can lead to death.

Itching and Cysts problem. Cysts are appeared after a hair transplant but where there is persistence with itching, one should see a doctor

Hiccoughs are also commonly faced after a hair transplant

The drawbacks of hair transplant in Edmonton can be avoided by consulting a renowned expert in this field otherwise many can be left puzzled and some end up dead after the procedure.