Friday, 20 May 2016

Set New Standards For FUE

Follicular unit extraction method is not new to anyone. It is advanced method of strip method in which strip of hair follicles is removed to harvest them into bald areas but in FUE individual hair follicles are removed and transplanted into thinning and bald areas.

Satyam hair transplant center Canada has more than 20 years’ experience in performing non Invasive FUE surgeries. During two decades it has set the bench mark for others in adopting the new standards for follicular unit extraction method. 

Our experts believe in betterment so do the researches for providing the best results to their patients. We felt proud that in demonstrating that techniques used for surgeries are innovative and world proven. Such as

·         NeoGraft FUE is less invasive and more result oriented in this NeoGraft technique is used to removal of hair follicles and to minimize the scars and make this surgery painless. Even in this follicles can be extracted 98% which are not possible in normal FUE process.

·         Lateral slit technique help us to provide the ultra dense packing after surgery and give full control over the angle and direction of hair follicles while harvesting that appear denser after treatment.

·         We make use of custom blades that fir to the hair follicles and custom blade cutting machine for the exact incision and effective extraction without damaging the scalp and tissue of follicles.

·         Even Bio FUE is advanced version of FUE in which growth tissues are also injected along with the implanted follicles that speed up the growth and healing.

·         Mega session in FUE surgery also us to harvest 4000- 9000 follicular units per session that save the cost and time of patient for same quality results.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

What is Evolutionary Role of Hair in One’s Life?

Hairs are considered as visible asset for all so losing this valuable asset is like horrible nightmare. If we see someone bald then even we get scare to imagine ourselves in place of that person. 

But why things turn scary when we think about hairs? 

It is important question to be discussed that why hair are so special for us? 

Can actually losing hair be room for disappointment and even depression?

Doctors and hair specialists answer this question with yes as hair play evolutionary role in one’s life.

If one is having full head of hair then it is considered as healthy person as having long and healthy hair on top means your health is also on top. Hair fall generally occur due to lack of some nutritions in the body, due to side effects of medications  and even some hormonal problems in body which means ultimately hair fall is related to health. So if one is having full waves of hair then he can be assuring for good health to some extent.

Hair are like crowning glory of the person so losing this crown can hit hard to the vanity and confidence of person. Even person feel disappointed after seeing comb full of hairs. Hairs play actually attempting role for keeping safe our self esteem and confidence level which is required to survive in society.

Even in this competitive world career opportunities are less and are grabbed by them who are having actually attempting personality and capability to highlight themselves in the crowd. So bald persons may not have room in this glamorous world. Companies especially for the positions for attending regular customers may not hire the persons with thinning top.

Hair can also bring the happiness of perfect partner in one’s life. Not for all but for most having attractive and good looking partner is dream so the person with no or less hair can be rejected or ignored.  Even for one time event of life like wedding hair are so important to make dream come true.