Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Using Robotic Procedures in Hair Transplant seen as a better Option

Hair transplant techniques are becoming less invasive which attracts more people to have scalp surgeries. The specialists and surgeons seem to have come up with a permanent and best solution for baldness and hair loss through these surgeries. Robotic procedures are now the most liked technique, though many are not well informed about them.

Robotic Hair Transplants are expensive but have many benefits that the other procedures can’t give. During the robotic procedure, hair grafts are harvested in a short time and at the same time implanted. The whole procedure is performed by the robot under the monitoring of the surgeon. Many have desired this move and are opting for it while having any HairTransplant in Ottawa.

Almost 6100 hairs can be removed without taking much time like in the manual style. The results are better and the hair can grow back after one year completely covering the head. The procedure is done in one round and it is pain-free, precise and at the same time quick.

There are no chances of error and no linear scar marks lefts. Only dot marks are lefts meaning that a patient can rock any kind of hair style once the hair grows back. The process is hygienic and above all limits the chances of infections. Postoperative care and treatment are provided just like in the other types of hair transplants. A patient can move back to his duties within a short period of time after this surgery.

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