Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Facial Hair Transplant

We thought that mustache is only for cowboys as we may witness in a movie “A million ways to die in the West” but these days having a nice looking beard and good hair is a top priority for men. Celebrities have pioneered this job and whoever can afford, can go for it. Actually, it is also part of being trendy leave alone the baldness and patchy beards that men do face.
The advancement in technology has paved a way for these new and easy ways to get a hair transplant. In a facial hair transplant, hair is removed from the sides of the scalp and then implanted in the patchy areas on the chin or in the sides of the face. It is fixed in the same angle like the already existing one in order to give a perfect look.

 The facial hair surgeries are performed by more experienced surgeons since the face contains more sensory nerves and in most times performed using FUE since it leaves no scar. With this, hair transplants in India have been made easy and with best results so in case you want any hair transplant surgeries do meet us for satisfactory results. 

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