Friday, 18 November 2016

Advanced Hair Transplant Technology – NeoGraft

Many people are suffering from male/female pattern baldness problem and are looking for the best hair transplant. They are highly in search for the best solution that can help in gaining their self-confidence back.

But the good news is you can imagine restored hairline without having any linear scars. With the invention of a new hair transplant technology NeoGraft, the results could look more natural.

So basically, what NeoGraft is?

It is the new automated hair transplant technique that makes the harvesting of follicles easier during the FUE hair transplant. It has been invented with the motive of improving the accuracy and speed over the manual extraction techniques.

NeoGraft is performed by making the use of pneumatic pressure in order to slide out the graft smoothly. Hence, no pulling or twisting of hair is there to leave the linear scar.

Benefit of NeoGraft over the manual FUE hair transplant|

The NeoGraft is the natural extension of the surgeon that allows the faster and accurate harvesting of the hair follicles. NeoGraft patients can now reach their goal with less time in the procedure and FUE procedures altogether. Also, hair transplant in India has become more easy, fast and accurate.

Following are the points that why people prefer NeoGraft hair transplant over other:
  •  It is less invasive procedure for the treatment i.e. no stitches or staples
  •  It does not lead to the discomfort
  •  Recovery time is very fast
  •  Hairline looks like a natural line

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